Representing North Carolina’s dairy producers and serving the needs of North Carolina’s dairy industry since 1996.

About Us

The North Carolina Dairy Producers Association (NCDPA) is a 501 © 5 non-profit corporation led by 15 dairy farmers and three ex-officio directors. NCDPA represents the interests of N.C. dairy farmers on important issues, including regulatory and legislative issues.

Whether your operation is small or large, conventional or organic, grazing or housed, each producer makes the management decisions that fits their dairy farm and personal philosophy best. That is the beauty of our dairy industry – the ability to be individuals in how we choose to farm.

There are times, however, when we need to set our individualism aside and work together to effect change in our state’s dairy industry. We must recognize the importance of acting with one voice at these times.

NCDPA gives dairy farmers

the platform to come together on key issues, including:

1. Building and maintaining strong relationships with state government leaders
2. Working with partners such as NCDA, Farm Bureau, Grange and dairy cooperatives
3. Allocating cull cow checkoff dollars to areas such as:

The NCDPA board members have set the direction for the Association for 2016 and beyond.

The three goals established for NCDPA are:

1. Establishing relationships with the N.C. Department of Agriculture and state legislators

2. Funding dairy research and educational opportunities

3. Opening lines of communication in the state’s dairy industry

NCDPA recognizes the importance of each dairy farmer in the state, which is why we strive to keep our industry viable and moving forward. As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Let us come together as dairy farmers and keep the N.C. dairy industry strong!

NCDPA Accomplishments

NCDPA has worked successfully on N.C. legislation to assure an adequate supply of fresh, locally produced, reasonably priced milk for the public and a fair return for producers.

1. NCDPA is a leader on policy and governmental relations at the state and federal levels. NCDPA worked to develop more producer friendly federal milk marketing legislation, increased USDA support, and to defend dairy producer’s rights at both federal and state levels.

2. NCDPA played a leadership role in creating the N.C. Dairy Advantage program. Since this program began NC milk production has increased each year.

3. NCDPA has spoken out on behalf of NC dairy farmers for:


Anyone with interest in the future of NC’s dairy industry should consider NCDPA membership. Working together, we can ensure NCDPA represents dairy producers throughout the state, tackles important issues, identifies opportunities for growth, works to increase the profitability of our farms, and helps prepare our industry for future success.

There are two types of NCDPA memberships:

Producer Membership


For individuals directly engaged in milk production.

Associate Membership

$50 per year

For individuals or firms not directly engaged in milk production, but who have an active interest in the industry.

Board of Directors Officers

Directors are volunteers and work without any compensation.


Reid Smith


Andrew Lail


Cameron Eaker


Doug Holland

Assistant Secretary

Chester Lowder

Assistant Treasurer

Geoff Benson

Board of Directors

Corey Lutz

Reid Smith

Cameron Eaker

Matthew Johnson

Bobby Allen

Andrew Lail

Jeff Cornwell

Coy Reese

Myles Payne

Daniel Chapman

Dennis Leamon

Chris Bowman

Michael Lee

Eliott Smith

Vickie Smitherman

Ex Officio Directors

Shannon Davidson (NCSU)

Steve Lathrop (NCDA&CS)

Chester Lowder (NCFB)

Advisory Committee

Dr. Geoff Benson

Dr. Shannon Davidson

Jim Howie

Jimmy Gentry

Elizabeth Moretz

Leigh Lane

Jerry Pless

Bob Shipley

Nancy Keith

Jim Byington

Jamie Cantrell

Larry Seamans

Clark Felder

Tom Ellis

Brent Buchanan

Marti Price

Brittany Whitmire

Norman Jordan

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